E911 Campus

Securely share campus safety information via the cloud

Provides a secure campus cloud container for managing safety information and sharing maps, floor plans, photos, documents, and 3d point clouds. Integrates easily via a web url with any existing mapping or dispatch system. Solution includes a central indoor space database for managing indoor addresses. Web based with apps for Windows, Android, and IOS.

Interactive Cloud Campus Site

  • Single Secure URL
  • Dashboard
  • Interactive Floor Plan(s)
  • Interactive Room Layer (NG911 Ready)
  • Interactive Exit Layer
  • Interactive Photo Layer
  • Interactive Camera Layer
  • E911 Collaboration Tool
  • Supports GIS Layers
  • Supports UAV Ortho Imagery
  • Link PDF, JPG, or Web Pages
  • 3D Scenes (Point Clouds)
  • Tables
  • Fully Searchable

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